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Multi Academy Trust


Multi Academy Trust

PRIME7 Multi Academy Trust

Our Academies

Visit our school's websites to learn how we collaborate to ensure that all children achieve their full potential.

Middleton Cheney Primary Academy Logo

Middleton Cheney
Primary Academy

Main Road,
Middleton Chenney
Banbury, OX17 2PD

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Chipping Warden Primary Academy Logo

Chipping Warden
Primary Academy

Byfield Road,
Chiping Warden
Banbury, OX17 1LD

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King's Sutton Primary Academy Logo

King's Sutton
Primary Academy

Richmond Street,
King's Sutton
Banbury, OX17 3RT

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About Our Trust

Prime7 is a three school Trust that sits at the heart of our local communities. We want our pupils to have a love of learning and strive to offer the best education to inspire them to become life-long learners. We equally value all of our staff and want to ensure that they feel inspired and enjoy the contribution that they make.

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Our Values

We have seven core values and principles to support the delivery of our mission.

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